This is education, the basketball way. We know what it takes to get to the next level, we know what coaches look for and we won't stop until you are where you want to be. Whether it is from Junior High to High School, High school to College, or getting better anywhere in between or beyond we want to help.  The coaches at SSBA have been around many college coaches and many coaches at the high school level. We understand how to make you a smarter, stronger, all around better, and a more fundamental player.  We believe in having a close connection with the players we train.  

From the second you step on the court to the very last minute its all work, we personalize workouts to focus in on the details of your game. During workouts, individualized attention and personal feedback are given by coaches and are catered for your improvement.
Thing you will learn by training with us:
  • Correct shooting mechanics
  • Higher Basketball IQ
  • Shooting against bigger defenders
  • Passing out of pressure and double teams
  • Development of footwork and body control
  • Finishing at the rim
  • Becoming a better teammate
  • Become a better leader
  • Attacking on fastbreak situations
  • Movement without the ball
  • Understanding spacing on the court
  • Mental toughness
  • Hardwork and dedication
  • Taking a charge
  • Being a better defender
  • Proper way to rebound depending on size and athleticism
  • Good or bad Shot?
  • Making players around you better
  • Preventing turnovers
  • and much more
The more sessions the player takes part in the better.  This gives our coaches time to implement various skills and evaluate the player more in depth.

Individual Sessions (1-2 players) -

$65 for an hour session (price per player)
  • *Five Session pack - $275 (save $50)
  • *Eight Session pack - $420 (save $100)
  • *Twelve Session pack - $630 (save $150)
$35 for half hour session

By appointment only. Contact us at  to schedule a session.

Small Group Sessions (3-5 players)

$50 per player
*Small Group Sessions are minimum 1 Hour

By appointment only. Contact us at to schedule a session.

Team Training Sessions (5+ players)

*$80 per player- 90 Minutes session!!

By appointment only. Contact us at  to schedule a session.

If you are interested in renting court time, please contact us for information.